Proposal Processing Timeline

In order to provide the best service support possible, and to also ensure a thorough documentation review ultimately allowing for a successful on-time submission, the following general timeline is provided for Principal Investigator use. Please note that all proposals will be reviewed in the order they are received, and we will make every effort to submit all proposals but cannot guarantee timely review or submission after the submission timeline outlined below. Furthermore, the amount of value added to any proposal will depend on the amount of preparation time allotted.

Eight (8) Business Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline (PREFERRED)

Notify Kina Morgan ( of the planned proposal submission; include a copy/link for the RFP.

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Five (5) Business Days Prior to Sponsor Deadline (REQUIRED)

  • Route completed PINS record for approvals (completed PINS record includes the following final documents):
    • Budget and Budget Justification
    • Cost Share Documentation/Approval
    • Required Institutional Letters
    • Subcontract Packages: Scope, AOR signed Letter of Commitment, CV(s), Budget & Budget Justification
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One (1) Business Day Prior to Sponsor Deadline (REQUIRED)

All PINS record approvals received up to the College Research Office level.

Final versions of all required proposal documents that are ready for submission have been uploaded in to PINS.

Note: Adherence to College timeline will ensure that the College Research Office can meet the Timely Proposal Submission Policy established by the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO):