Preparing for a conversation with your program manager

A conversation with a program manager can provide valuable insight into the funding potential of your idea.  The following are some useful suggestions:

  • Make contact early (at least several months in advance).
  • Do not make a surprise call. Email a one-page summary and request a phone or in-person appointment to discuss.
  • Why a one-page summary?  A well-written one-page summary can communicate the project relevance, highlight the logic of your approach, and enable targeted feedback.
  • Develop your one-page summary using the format below.

Start with a storyline:

  • What is the problem?
  • What has already been done to address this problem?
  • What is the gap that still exists?
  • How do you propose to address this gap?

List your goals / objectives.

Describe why your team is ideal for the project.

Overview the methodology.

Summarize the impact of your success.

For more suggestions on how to prepare for a conversation with your program manager, please read the documents: