Preparing for a conversation with your program manager

A conversation with a program manager can provide valuable insight into the funding potential of your idea.  The following are some useful suggestions:

  • Make contact early (at least several months in advance).
  • Do not make a surprise call. Email a one-page summary and request a phone or in-person appointment to discuss.
  • Why a one-page summary?  A well-written one-page summary can communicate the project relevance, highlight the logic of your approach, and enable targeted feedback.
  • Develop your one-page summary using the format below.
Start with a storyline:
What is the problem?
What has already been done to address this problem?
What is the gap that still exists?
How do you propose to address this gap?
List your goals / objectives.
Describe why your team is ideal for the project.
Overview the methodology.
Summarize the impact of your success.

For more suggestions on how to prepare for a conversation with your program manager, please read the documents: