Grants and Contracts Accounting

The PI has primary responsibility for directing the activities of his or her grant or contract, which includes authorization of all grant expenditures. All of the functions for research expenditures are subject to federal, state and university auditing, and thus while the primary function of the Research Office is to assist the PI in managing the grant, it is imperative that the expenditures comply with guidelines and regulations.

It is most important for the PI to maintain good communication with the Research Office to insure that the needs of the PI are met, and that issues are handled in a timely manner. Special attention needs to be paid to requests that require prior approval, which will vary depending on the terms and conditions of the contract. The Research Office works with the Business Office and HR to alert faculty in advance of deadlines for which a response is required.

Examples of transactions handled by the Research, Business and HR staff members are:

  • Payroll transactions for graduate and undergraduate students, faculty salary, technician or other personnel
  • Tuition
  • Documenting effort and cost sharing
  • Purchase requisitions (equipment, supplies and services,initiatingPurchaseAuthorizationsandPurchaseOrders);
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Summer/supplemental pay
  • Subcontractor costs
  • Coordination of reports to funding agencies
  • Issuing consulting contracts documenting effort and authorizing payment;
  • Assisting with budget revisions
  • Conflict of interest resolution
  • Close-out
  • Account Reconciliations
  • Appointments and approval of personnel
  • Documenting the VISA status of international students and other

Reminder for Salary Distribution Changes:

  • Salary Distribution Changes that date back more than 90 days require special approval by the Dean and University Contracts & Grants.

PIs have access to the PI Portal and WRS for up-to-date information about the status of their accounts. Training videos (Unity login required) and a Summary of Changes (pdf) are available to explain the new features in WRS 2.0 and how to use the reports.