Former Visiting Scholars

Yeqian Ge

Preparation and Characterization of Lithium-ion Battery Anodes

    Chunming Zhang

    Chemical and Biological Protection Fabrics and Nano-Finishing of Textile Fabrics

      Yongqiang Li

      Basic Textile Surface Research

        Jun Yin

        Intelligent Fabrics with Oriental Traditional Art Redesigns

          Yinzheng Liang

          Nanofiber-based Separators and Electrolytes for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

            Tomoki Nagaishi

            Biomass Based Carbon Nanofibers for Supercapacitors

              Xiaoling Ma

              Advanced Materials for Energy Application

                Hongbin Tan

                Advanced Materials for Energy Application

                  Xuedong Wei

                  High-performance Lifeo4 Nanofiber Cathodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

                    Xin Xia

                    Advanced Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials

                      Lan Zhou

                      New Fiber Treatment Technology

                        Yi Hu

                        Advanced Electrode Materials