Former Ph.D.

Zhan Lin

Zhan Lin

    Rupesh Nawalakhe

    Nanofiber Wound Dressings

      Ozan Toprakci

      Advanced Nanofiber-based Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes

        Narendiran Vitchuli

        Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-electrospinning Hybrid Processing

          Guanjie Xu

          Preparation and Characterization of Advanced Lithium-air Batteries

            Meltem Yanilmaz

            Meltem Yanilmaz

              Chen Chen

              Lithium-ion Battery Nanofiber Separators

                Yingfang Yao

                Nanofiber-based Organic-inorganic Hybrid Fuel Cell Membranes

                  Jinmei Du

                  Nanofiber-based Fuel Cell Electrodes

                    Shu Zhang

                    Preparation and Characterization of Lithium-ion Battery Nanofiber Cathode Materials

                      Kun Fu

                      Lithium-ion Battery Materials

                        Liwen Ji

                        Lithium Alloy-carbon Composite Nanofibers for Energy Storage by Electrospinning and Carbonization

                          Han Jiang

                          Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

                            Kyung-Hye Jung

                            Nonwovens Containing Novel Polymer Fillers

                              Bohyung Kim

                              Dye Synthesis for Solar Cell Applications

                                Hun Lee

                                Nanofiber Battery Separators

                                  Ying Li

                                  Advanced Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials

                                    Shuli Li

                                    Preparation and Integration of Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

                                      Yao Lu

                                      Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes

                                        Jiadeng Zhu

                                        Sodium-ion Batteries

                                          Pei Zhu

                                          Lithium-sulphur Battery Materials