Former Masters

Sudhir Sarma

Durable Ionic-modified Antistatic Fibers: A Combination of Nanotechnology and Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

    Michael Sieber

    Water-repellent Nanofibers and Improvement of Their Durability by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment

      Liangqu Chen

      Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

        Edward Arthur Dalton

        Durable Antimicrobial And Flame-retardant Nano-finishing

          Jonathan Halbur

          Co-presence of Durable Flame-retardant and Repellant Nano-finishes

            Ying Ji

            Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

              Richard Padbury

              Advanced Lithium-air Batteries

                Barry Roe

                Durable Non-fluorine Water-repellent Fabric Finishing: Surface Treatment Using Silica Nanoparticulates and Mixed Silanes