Former Masters

Michael Sieber

Water-repellent Nanofibers and Improvement of Their Durability by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment

    Nakarin Subjalearndee

    Functional Fibers and Yarns for Wearable Energy Storage

      Liangqu Chen

      Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

        Edward Arthur Dalton

        Durable Antimicrobial And Flame-retardant Nano-finishing

          Jonathan Halbur

          Co-presence of Durable Flame-retardant and Repellant Nano-finishes

            Ying Ji

            Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

              Richard Padbury

              Advanced Lithium-air Batteries

                Barry Roe

                Durable Non-fluorine Water-repellent Fabric Finishing: Surface Treatment Using Silica Nanoparticulates and Mixed Silanes

                  Sudhir Sarma

                  Durable Ionic-modified Antistatic Fibers: A Combination of Nanotechnology and Atmospheric Plasma Treatment