Former Members

Esra Serife PAMPAL

Battery Electrode Materials

    Ying Li

    Advanced Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials

      Mataz Alcoutlabi

      Research Assistant Professor Nanofiber Battery Components

        Yongqiang Li

        Basic Textile Surface Research

          Hongsheng Tan

          Fiber-Reinforced Composites

            Liangqu Chen

            Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

              Shuli Li

              Preparation and Integration of Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

                Quan Shi

                Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-electrospinning Hybrid Processing

                  Yinzheng Liang

                  Nanofiber-based Separators and Electrolytes for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

                    Chunming Zhang

                    Chemical and Biological Protection Fabrics and Nano-Finishing of Textile Fabrics

                      Edward Arthur Dalton

                      Durable Antimicrobial And Flame-retardant Nano-finishing

                        Zhan Lin

                        Zhan Lin