Former Members

Esra Serife PAMPAL

Battery Electrode Materials

    Ying Li

    Advanced Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials

      Mataz Alcoutlabi

      Research Assistant Professor Nanofiber Battery Components

        Yongqiang Li

        Basic Textile Surface Research

          Liangqu Chen

          Centrifugal Spinning and its Applications

            Shuli Li

            Preparation and Integration of Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

              Quan Shi

              Atmospheric Pressure Plasma-electrospinning Hybrid Processing

                Yinzheng Liang

                Nanofiber-based Separators and Electrolytes for Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

                  Edward Arthur Dalton

                  Durable Antimicrobial And Flame-retardant Nano-finishing

                    Zhan Lin

                    Zhan Lin

                      Mai-Hsuan Sabrina Huang

                      Advanced Lithium-air Batteries

                        Xiaoling Ma

                        Advanced Materials for Energy Application