Current Members

Jae R. Hahn

Preparation and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials

    Bing Huang

    Advanced Li-Ion Battery Materials

      Chaoyi Yan

      Advanced Energy-Storage Materials and Devices

        Xiao Yang

        Nanostructured and multifunctional textiles

          Meltem Yanilmaz

          Advanced Separators

            Mahmut Dirican

            Energy Storage Materials

              Naiku Xu

              Functional Fibrous Materials

                Shagufta Riaz

                Functionalization of Textiles by Modified Nanoparticles

                  Hui Cheng

                  Flexible Yarn and Textile Batteries

                    Nakarin Subjalearndee

                    Functional Fibers and Yarns for Wearable Energy Storage

                      Lei Chen

                      Intelligent Textiles