Welcome to the Yin Research Lab at North Carolina State University!

Research Interests
Our group interest is focused on the development of novel structures and properties of fibrous materials by advanced twisting technologies. 

i) Advanced yarn technologies through novel twisting mechanisms;
ii) Soft actuators and robotics with twisted architecture;
iii) Novel textile-based energy harvesters;


09/19 Our review paper has been accepted by Journal of Cleaner Production. Congratulations!

09/09 Saket Joshi joins us as a part-time research assistant. Welcome!

08/20 We received a grant from AFFOA.

08/19 Our invited paper has been accepted by Textiles. Congratulations!

08/16 Jacob Hart and Yiduo Yang join us as a part-time research assistant. Welcome!

08/16 Madeline Hall and Alyssa Phan join us for Undergraduate Fall Research. Welcome!

07/22 We met with Hanes’s representatives and made a presentation on “Development of hemp yarns”.

07/21 We met Prof. Jin-tu Fan, head of ITC, PolyU.

06/02 We received a grant from US Navy.

05/19 We received a grant from NCSU FRPD Program.

05/14 Rehan Asif and Rosie Fisher join us for Undergraduate Summer Research. Welcome!

05/01 Yali Ling joins our lab as a phd student. Welcome!

04/21 A presentation on “power of fiber twist” presented at the graduate seminar, Wilson College of Textiles, NC State.

04/09 A short presentation on “hemp yarn processing” presented to Chancellor, Dr. Randy Woodson, during Chancellor’s Annual Visit.

04/02 Hello, World! Yin Research Lab website has been officially online today!