Kelsey Boes

Kelsey Boes portrait Kelsey graduated with a B.S. degree in Chemistry and a B.A. in Studio Art–Textiles from Wheaton College, IL in May 2014. She is now pursuing her PhD in Fiber and Polymer Sciences from North Caroline State University under Dr. Nelson Vinueza. Kelsey began polymer research as an undergraduate, exploring functionalization of polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films (PEMs) with Buckminster fullerene balls (C60) for application in electron transfer chemistry. Her project under Dr. Peter Walhout gave her extensive experience in NMR and solvent suppression, as well as troubleshooting software and instrument errors. Kelsey’s graduate research is shifted towards reactive dye extraction and analysis, utilizing mass spectrometry and synthesis of standards to identify reactive dyes and determine levels of degradation. She is fascinated in the textile applications of organic chemistry and is looking to move into high performance textile research and textile finishes.

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