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Yu Chen

Designer:  Yu Chen

Hometown:  Suzhou, China


Collection Title: She Got the Power to Be


Yu Chen is from Suzhou, China.  She graduated from Jiangnan University with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion design and engineering.  She is now pursuing a master’s degree in TATM, focusing on Textile & Apparel design.  Yu is very glad to have this wonderful chance to study in NC State and explore this place as a 3+X student.


Yu’s inspiration came from street sketches of New York City and a Barbie fashion model collection.  The concept is to show the image of independent, elegant and confident working ladies with unique fashion tastes and pursuits.   Yu is using Pearls as her key element since pearls are considered to represent elegance and confidence. The silhouettes are relatively simple, and she chose black and nude colors in silky fabric to match the colors of pearls.