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Yining Chen

Designer: Yining Chen

Hometown: Shanghai


Collection Title: She Takes on the World


Yining finished her undergraduate study at Jiangnan University studying Apparel design and engineering in 2019.  She came to NC State to pursue a master degree in Apparel and Textile Technology and Management.  She focuses on textile design and product development.  The innovative technology and abundant teaching resources here have helped her develop critical thinking skills and creativity.  Her goal is to work in the textile design industry after she graduates.

Collection Description:

This collection focuses on working women from 25 to 30 years old who have just left college and are exploring the adult world. They have the spirit of discovery and build their identity less on other people’s thoughts.   Yining has been inspired by a friend’s adventure in India and her stories about Indian women.  Her stories have painted different pictures of Indian girls.  They are like blooming flowers with different cherished spirits.  Yining added her understanding into these stories and developed some textile prints that could be used to aid in the expression of these spirits through garments.