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Yihua Zhu

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Yihua Zhu


Yihua Zhu


Zhoushan, China

Collection Name


Describe the concept behind your collection

The topic of my collection is about a woman who fights back when she is experiencing domestic violence. Domestic violence has a wide range, it’s not just physical violence, but also includes sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse, not allowing you to make decisions, constantly forcing you do things you don’t want, and so on. I remember a documentary I watched, it’s called Keep Sweet, obey and pray. Though it is a documentary about a cult, I think there are many things about female exploitation shares in common with domestic violence. I noticed all women in that cult need to wear a prairie dress uniform and have same hairstyle. Prairie dress was once worn by pioneer women in the mid-19th century, and it also used to be a symbol of powerful women. I want my collection to be the armor of strong women.