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Soung Un Hong (Ana Cecilia)

Ana Cecilia Hong (Soung-Un Hong) 2x3

Hometown: Salta, Argentina
Collection Title: Performance
Major: Textile Technology – Textile Design


Ana has always enjoy drawing and painting. Around the age of 10 or 11, she got interested in learning how things work and how to fix them. She thought about how these products can be designed in a way that would still work and have the proper functionalities, yet still look elegant and attractive. Since that point, she has always been interested in re-designing existing products/technologies and make them more appealing. Her parents have always owned their own boutiques, so fashion and different fibers have always been a subject to discuss during dinner time.

She came to the US wanting to pursue a Visual Art major, thinking it would connect computer designing, programing etc. Unfortunately that was not the case, so she decided to reach out to all NCSU colleges for help to seek her new career path. NCSU Wilson College of Textiles was the one that caught her attention and helped her grow interest towards re-designing and thinking about performance and design.

Collection Description: When designing, performance is always Ana’s first thought. She thinks about the properties that can be achieved, how to mix performance requirements with chic and interesting designs. This collection mainly focuses on active customers. The design is based on a mixture of chic, calm, and serene with a care-free, spunk feel.