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Sarah Plaisted

Sarah Plaisted 5x7

Hometown: Winston-Salem
Collection Title: Where The Wild Things Are


Born and raised in North Carolina, Sarah was inspired by fashion at a young age. Growing up, she was strongly influenced by her mother and grandmother, as she used to pick out outfits for her mom and help accessorize her Grandmother while shopping. During her time in the Fashion and Textile Design Program she honed in her love for intricately designed garments, textures and refined silhouettes. She was not only interested in garment design, but when she had the opportunity she also digitally printed her textiles and incorporated them into her designs. She draws her ongoing and ever-changing inspiration from her world travels and life’s everyday experiences.

Collection Description: Maurice Sendak’s timeless children’s story, Where the Wild Things Are, beautifully illustrates an imaginary journey of young Max to an island where he is confronted by unique monsters. During her past semester in Prague, Sarah found herself aligned with Max’s sense of enchantment and fright. Max had his monsters; She had monstrous cultural adjustments to make.

The book’s illustrations begin with thick white borders that end up filling the entire page. The broadening borders mirror Max’s imagination and evolving perspective on life. As she witnesses his perception becoming less constricted by the real world, she relates her experiences abroad to him even further. Their journeys transformed their behavior, outlook, and creativity both internally and externally.

Max’s imaginary trip ignited a fire in Sarah’s heart. This gift combined with reflections of her time abroad, allowed a newfound sense of creativity to transpire in her, which she would like to evoke in this adventurous collection.