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Samantha Burdett

Burdett Headshot 5x7 180dpi

Hometown: Cary, NC
Collection Title: Par Excellence


Samantha Athena Burdett decided to emerge into the Fashion and Textile Design concentration starting her sophomore year at NCSU. During her time enrolled in the Wilson College of Textiles, she has interned at STOLL America, assisted styling in New York City for a freelance stylist, stayed busy with a local part time job, and worked on the production team for some of the most influential fashion designers. It wasn’t until her experience at STOLL did she find out about her love for designing knitwear.

When Samantha is designing, she is inspired by women similar to her height. Being 6’ tall since 15 years of age wasn’t always that easy, but this pushes her capabilities to want to make all women feel confident about their insecurities through what they’re wearing. Every design she creates focuses on flattering a real woman’s body with style. Utilizing the technology at the Wilson College of Textiles for the knit garments, Samantha was able to spin fiber, knit it on the Shima Seiki Whole Garment Machine, and then complete the process by dyeing in the Dye Lab, all on campus. Samantha’s technological knowledge, learned through the Wilson College of Textiles, results in an effortless and wearable line, reflecting the model’s true identity: courageous, fun, and strong.

Collection Description: Par Excellence: a collection influenced by the French, African fashion design infusion

Samantha’s love for knitwear, fashion, style and all things French morphed together for her final collection. Her égérie (muse) is derived from her experience studying abroad in Lille, France in collaboration with her strong passion for the bold, non-traditional French African fashion inspirations. Together, these two groups joined forces to create Par Excellence. Inspiration for the base hue of the collection corresponds to the theme resulting from WGSN’s Autumn 2016 / Winter 2017 ‘Remaster’ color pallet. The main profiles of Par Excellence are designed to give a woman confidence, in a refined yet simplistic matter.