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Makenzie Vizard


Hometown: Salisbury, MD
Collection Title: A Walk in the Park


Makenzie is a Textile Design Student from Salisbury, Maryland with a passion for both surface design and structure, and the way these two aspects work together to create original and interesting pieces. She gets her inspiration from traveling, spending time outside, and seeing where her own mind and ideas can take her. After graduation, Makenzie hopes to work in color application or print/motif development in order to add visual interest to the world around her.

Collection Description: A Walk in the Park  is a collection of accessories- from wallets to shoes- all inspired by a summer day spent in the park. Using the textures of the outdoors as well as wildlife and available activities, all of the different aspects that make a walk in the park will come together to create an original collection to add visual interest to just about any apparel textile.