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Lisbeth Arias

Lisbeth Arias 4x6

Hometown: Sanford, North Carolina
Collection Title: Mezcla


Lisbeth Arias was born in San Salvador, El Salvador.  Her mother brought her to the United States at the age of two and ever since, her family settled in Sanford, North Carolina. She grew up with two cultures immersed into one. English was spoken at school and Spanish at home.  Sewing came into her life in the 7th grade when she took classes because her mother didn’t want to teach her for safety reasons.  The older she got, the more classes she took and, for the first time, her mother could help her with her homework.  English wasn’t a barrier when it came to sewing.  Now, fashion design is more than a connection Lisbeth has with her mother.  She sees it as a bridge that connects people to people no matter where they come from.  It’s an educational tool that sparks curiosity and conversation.  At least, that’s what her designs will do.

Collection Description: When we think of Guatemalan textiles, our minds go directly to ethnic souvenirs we purchase for our loved ones.  We hardly see them as fashionable statement pieces.  Mezcla, meaning blend or mixture in Spanish, is intended to bridge trends from the United States with textiles from Guatemala.  Mezcla is not only a collection that millennial Latinos will identify with, but also a tool that will redefine people’s perception of Latin American textiles.