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Lauren Michelakis


Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina
Collection Title:  L / M


From Wilmington, North Carolina, Lauren first gained her appreciation for art and design in high school. Her area of interest includes watercolor paintings, photography, and a passion for bringing these to textile products. Her artwork is sold in local galleries, on Etsy, and shown at international conferences and competitions.  As a Senior in NC State’s Fashion and Textile Design program, Lauren has a concentration in Textile Design with a focus on both interior and apparel fabrics. She has interned in Product, Research, and Fabric Development, Trims, and Textile Design at Elizabeth and James and Struck by Nature Home.  While studying at Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, Italy, travel largely influenced much of her collection.

Collection Description: When designing, Lauren is inspired mostly by travel. The energy, shapes, color, architecture, and lifestyle of cultures around the world developed this collection. Her work focuses on the transformation of her experiences from photography to paintings then to textiles. She utilizes the capabilities of the digital printer to combine an older technique of fine arts and current technology.