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Kori Waldrup


Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Collection Title:  The Escape


Kori Waldrup was born in Franklin, TN and started sewing at a young age.  After taking a sewing class in middle school to learn how to sew from patterns, she decided she wanted to become a fashion designer.  Several apparel classes throughout high school confirmed her love for designing, and she chose to attend North Carolina State for their strong textile program.  Kori jumped at the chance to be part of the Fashion and Textile Design program after already attending NC State as a Fashion and Textile Management major for one year. She hopes to continue pursuing her dreams of designing after graduation and secure a job in product design.

Collection:  The Escape is about the idea of individualization in fashion.  It is eclectic and unexpected.  It pushes the boundaries in regards to fabric, technology, and form.  The Escape is for women and men of any age who are tired of being seen in what is trendy at the moment.  They want to be creative with how they look and stand out in the streets.