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Kara Walker


Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Collection Title:  Bit of Gold


Kara Walker is Senior at North Carolina State University and a Raleigh native. This spring she will receive a B.S in Fashion & Textile Design with a concentration in Textile Design. During her time at NC State, she participated in the first and second annual NCSU Fashion Week, Cotton Couture, and other various design competitions. She enjoys creating products, from home décor to avant garde garments, that all have a ‘hand crafted’ quality. A few of her favorite things include baking, Netflixing, napping, and all things creative.

Collection Description: “Bit of Gold” includes a garment collection as well as a home décor set that was inspired by the emerging trend of gold mixed with bright, saturated colors found in modern abstract paintings. Combining different techniques such as hand weaving, hand dying, fabric manipulation, machine embroidery, and hand embroidery, each piece is centered on bright colors with gold, while pulling inspiration from the fluidity and textures found in these paintings.