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Jamie Morrison


Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Collection Title: Midas Touch


With a deep passion for creating and making, Jamie has found a home in the Fashion and Textile Design program at NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles. From a young age, she has expressed her interest in fashion and sewing and has always wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She values quality construction and attention to detail, which are an integral part of her aesthetic and process. Jamie is a two-time designer for NC State’s Art to Wear fashion show and is excited to showcase the skills acquired from her past four years at the Wilson College of Textiles.

Collection Description: This collection tells the story of King Midas, a man driven by greed who was granted the power to turn everything he touched to gold. He quickly realized that his powers did more harm than good as he unintentionally destroyed everything that made life enjoyable. Midas Touch takes inspiration from King Midas’ progression from satisfaction to despair; evolving from flowing silhouettes to confining structures while mimicking the natural structure of gold. This collection strives to confront the greed that clouds our judgment and highlight the materialism that haunts our lives.