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Glenna Teague

Glenna Teague 5x7

Hometown:  Chapel Hill, NC
Collection Title: Shifted


Glenna was brought up in a household full of creativity, where having a limitless imagination was second nature. From a young age, she enjoyed hands on activities and creating things from scratch. After learning to sew, she realized how profound this art was to her and began to pursue her degree in Fashion and Textile Design at North Carolina State University.  She immersed herself not only in the classroom, but also by participating in fashion competitions, working retail, and interning part time in Raleigh, as well as reaching out to work backstage during fashion shows in New York City. Glenna’s design aesthetic is clean cut, with a considerable focus on the fit of the garment, demonstrating her devotion to the technical side of fashion. She hopes to continue channeling her dedication towards the industry after graduation in a technical design position at a branded fashion company.

Collection Description: Shifted: A minimalistic representation of glacial disintegration.

This collection was inspired by one of our generation’s most significant concerns, climate change. Glaciers make up 10 percent of our planet, yet they will soon become a mere fragment in our history due to the destructive nature of current society. Each piece created in this collection mirrors in some way the shape, color and dissolution of glacial ice with harsh, asymmetric lines, the mixing of sheer and opaque fabric as well as the icy color palette. This collection was constructed for the fashion forward woman willing to take risks and speak her mind.