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Geneviève Vernon


Hometown: Bremerton, WA
Collection Title: Wanderlust


Geneviève has always had a very active imagination, and since the age of eight she has expressed it through drawing dresses and dreaming designs. She took her first sewing class at nine years old with her grandmother, a quilter, who helped guide her through it. In this class she made her first garment, a floral skirt with an elastic waistband and lace trim, which she wore until she finally outgrew it. Growing up she also loved to read and ride horses. In her senior year of high school, Geneviève felt very unsure about what she wanted to do; most of the majors offered by colleges were not anything she felt passionate about. She had taken apparel development classes throughout high school, and it was the only class besides English that she enjoyed. When she discovered the Fashion and Textile Design program at NC State, she felt like she had finally found what she’d been looking for; it was exactly what she wanted. Since coming to the Wilson College of Textiles, she has learned all she could have dreamed of about design.

Collection Description:  Around the world is a collection of gowns inspired from the traditional styles of various places in history. Geneviève was interested in how a garment can evoke a certain time and place and the way it can represent a single culture or time period. We don’t often think of clothing this way, but it can embody a whole culture and ideology. Each gown in the collection draws on this inspiration, taking design elements from the style that most represents a certain place and its culture, while staying contemporary.