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Emma Smith


Hometown: Cary, NC
Collection Title:  Garments of the Galaxies


Emma grew up under the influence of her artist grandfather and her designer father, where she credits most of her inspiration to pursue a field of art and design.  Although she would never admit it, she was not always the stylish fashion guru that she is today. She only became interested in fashion when she took her first sewing class in high school. Emma is extremely honored to be a part of the first graduating class of Fashion & Textile Design and loves all of the experiences it has given her the last four years. After graduation, she hopes to continue her creative career in fashion no matter where she finds herself in life.

Collection Description: In her sixth grade science class Emma was fascinated with outer space and has been obsessed ever since. She has always found that the mysteriousness of space grabs her attention and, as a designer, she has the utmost appreciation for the colors and forms seen when studying pictures of the stars and galaxies. It is easy to find inspiration from nature, but the way we have been treating nature has warped it so that it is now hard to find something that has been left completely untouched. That is why the soft silhouettes  and colors of space were an obvious background for her collection.