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Emily Lin


Hometown: Apex, NC
Collection Title: Namárië


As a young girl, Emily was a shy homeschooler who loved nothing more than to draw comic books. She discovered the magic of costuming through an array of sci-fi/fantasy films, leading her to pursue fashion styling and apparel design. After acceptance to the Wilson College of Textiles, Emily not only grew in knowledge, but also in confidence and creativity.

Today, Emily is honored to be part of the Fashion and Textile Design program’s inaugural class. She is eternally thankful for the continuous support from her family, friends, mentors, and the talented girls who have accompanied her throughout these adventurous four years.

Collection Description: Heavily inspired by the elven race depicted in JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, this collection features regally draped capes and mysterious hooded silhouettes that evoke the ethereal presence of elves. The word Namárië is a blessing used for greeting and farewell in the elves’ language, literally translating as “to goodness.”