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Courtney Tsun


Hometown: Cary, NC
Collection Title: tempus


Courtney was born and raised in Cary, NC.  She is the conundrum of the family whose interests lie in computer sciences, chemistry, and public health.  On the contrary, Courtney has always been interested in art and design.  Her direction turned towards textiles after growing tired of being told by her high school art teachers that symmetrical compositions were not as pleasing as asymmetrical.  Now a senior concentrating in Textile Design, she has translated her passion for art (and symmetry) into fabric designs and is excited to pursue a career in the textile industry.

Collection Description: tempus, Latin for time, is a collection of home fabrics inspired by art history.  This collection focuses on mixing pieces inspired by important art movements, notably 1920’s Art Deco, Baroque, and Minimalism and bringing them up to modern standards by contrasting highly patterned, highly embellished fabrics with stark, clean designs.  tempus is a sophisticated mix of fabrics that proves that anything old can be made new again.