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Ashley Farris


Hometown: Statesville, North Carolina
Collection Title:  FROOT


Growing up, Ashley always loved to be creative. At a young age she was encouraged to be unique and follow her dreams.  These dreams led her through many creative outlets, but it wasn’t until high school when she found her passion for sewing. This led her to NC State for the Summer Textile Exploration Program where she fell in love with the university and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. While applying for colleges and exploring her options, Ashley was asked to apply for a new major at NC State, Fashion and Textile Design. After the whirlwind of putting together a portfolio, applying to the major, doing an in person interview, and waiting that night for an email, she got news of her acceptance into the first class of Fashion and Textile Design as a Fashion Design student. From that point until now, Ashley has gotten the opportunity to build great friendships, learn amazing things, grow her skillset, and travel to Europe, all while becoming a stronger designer through the help of the FTD program.

Collection Description: Ashley’s collection is inspired by Marina and the Diamonds “FROOT.” This song evokes intense feelings of summer that are visible in the resort wear style of the collection. The collection is all white with fruity accents through jewel embellishments to make the line that much sweeter.