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Amanda Marshall


Hometown: Cary, North Carolina
Collection Title:  Aura


While growing up, Amanda was drawn to all things creative, including scrapbooking, interior design, and sewing. She officially learned how to sew in her high school apparel classes. With both a logical and creative mind, she sought to find a university that would consider them compliments instead of opposites. The blend of science, technology, and consumer research with fashion design deemed the Wilson College of Textiles a perfect fit. Amanda’s current interests include historical costume design, museum curatorial/exhibit work, and ethical textile practices.

Collection Description: Aura is a line of ready-to-wear clothing for women in their late fifties to seventies. This collection is designed for the fall/winter season and primarily utilizes wool. The collection is entitled “aura” for its double meaning. First, it describes the confident air that comes with graceful ageing. Each of these women has a tangible aura created from their years of life experience. Secondly, “environment” and “surroundings” are considered synonyms of the word. Therefore, this collection also considers the relationship between the woman’s body and its surroundings, in other words, the clothing. The aura collection was built on survey responses of the models and from consumer research. Many women complained of the lack of quality fabrics, beautiful colors, pleasing silhouettes, and accurate fit in the available clothing.  Aura is characterized by classic styles with a more playful feel. These beautiful women deserve to wear beautiful clothes that make them feel comfortable and look stylish.