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Alexandra Cohen


Hometown: Concord, North Carolina
Collection Title: Collaborative


Born to parents that carry a love for artistic expression themselves, Alexandra was steeped in a childhood of creativity. Every year came with an addition to the dress-up box and a new chance to debut the newest shoes. Allowed to dress herself as a child, from overalls to eyebrow piercings, Alexandra was always given the freedom to express. The long and twisting road leading her to her final semester in the Fashion and Textile Design program has been full of blessings, gifts, and late nights in studio. She looks forward to applying her love for textile art and design in her career and personal creative endeavors.

Collection Description:  Alexandra’s work this semester is based on collaborative efforts. Joining with two of her peers, Kori Waldrup and Erin Doran, she will be exploring the boundaries of textile design in fashion and fine arts contexts. Both collaborations will utilize textile and fabric design in different yet equally expressive applications.