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Abigail Procton

Abby Procton 5x7

Hometown: High Point, NC
Collection Title: Wanderlust


Growing up in High Point, Abby has been surrounded by the textile industry her entire life. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school, however, that she considered textiles as a career. Abby could be found drawing, painting, printmaking, and taking photographs, throughout her childhood and into high school. While applying for graphic design and interior design programs, she found out about textile design and never looked back. Outside of studio, Abby has a passion for traveling and doing just about anything outdoors. She loves spending time by the water, whether it be sailing, swimming, or simply relaxing in the sun. Over the past four years, Abby’s admiration for fiber arts has grown immensely; no matter the end use, textile design allows her the opportunity to impact another person’s life. This is where her passion stems from, her ultimate goal, and the root of her design process.

Collection Description: Wanderlust is the result of several travels abroad; the most recent being a whirlwind journey through 20 European cities in just 4 months. Inspiration was drawn from the rich and unique history, architecture, and people that were encountered at every turn. The collection consists of a variety of home décor pieces, from lampshades to rugs and a few bits that fall in between. Every fabric, embellishment, and application has been crafted to convey a story as distinct and as rooted as the places that they represent.