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Samantha Young

Designer: Samantha Young

Hometown: Apex, NC


Collection Title: Blinded Bliss


Samantha is a senior graduating this December from the Wilson College of Textiles.  She is currently exploring post-graduate opportunities, aspiring to work in either Women’s Apparel or Textile Design for a forward-thinking fashion company.  She hopes to contribute innovative creativity, passion and her own personal twist in any future endeavor.  She aims to inspire people by designing self-expressive and empowering apparel and hopes to make a lasting impact while doing so.

Collection Description:

Blinded Bliss was inspired by personal experiences, and Samantha’s belief in the power of forward thinking and optimism.  We all experience hardships, whether it be in our relationships with others or ourselves.  She believes that we can use these experiences to flourish into stronger beings, rather than let them tarnish us. This is represented in Blinded Bliss through the use of loose ties, and bows.