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Samantha Gaddy

Designer: Samantha Gaddy

Hometown: Kernersville, NC


Collection Title: Game Day Fit


Samantha is a Senior at NC State majoring in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development Product Management.  Her interest in textiles comes from growing up around her family’s furniture company in High Point, NC but she has always had a love for art and fashion.  After participating in NC State Summer Textile Exploration Program (STEP), she determined that the Wilson College of Textiles is where she belonged.

After being accepted into the college Samantha decided to try out for the NC State Dance Team as dance was also something she had a great passion for since she was a child.  She knew since her freshman year that she wanted to participate in the Threads Senior Fashion Show, but knew it would be a lot of work and that I had a lot to learn.  Going into her senior year, Samantha interned with Liz Lemons at Nine 18 Designs, where she assisted with making dance costumes.  Through this internship, she learned about the design and production of dance costumes, as well as the day to day operations of the business.

After completing four years on the NC State Dance Team, working with an experienced mentor and coming to an end with her degree, Samantha decided she wanted to make her time here at NC State come full circle and create a collection that would combine her love for the NC State Dance Team and Fashion.

Collection Description:

Samantha’s collection “Game Day Fit” is inspired by her team, the NC State Dance Team, but she intends for her designs to be customized or recreated for any Collegiate and Professional Dance/ Cheer Teams.  Her collection includes designs worn at performances as well as looks that are worn for practices, appearances, and other dance team related events.  All are made with the NC State Color palette.  She strives to design looks that fit the identity of each individual team and contribute to the confidence of each individual dancer on game day.  One of the greatest moments for an athlete is putting on his or her uniform for the first time.  Suddenly you are a part of something that is much bigger than yourself… a unified team serving a purpose and working towards a common goal.