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Preston Bullok

Preston Bullok
Preston Bullok

Designer: Preston Bullok

Hometown: Gastonia, NC


Collection Title: For the Flow


Preston is a senior majoring in Fashion Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development
and Product Management. Growing up, she always wanted to pursue a career in the healthcare field. After being immersed in the world of textiles at NC State, she has moved away from medical dreams and developed a passion for fashion. Her favorite memory of her time in the Wilson College of Textiles was participating in the American Heart Association competition called Hemline for Hearts, where students were challenged with recreating a garment out of paper hearts in order to raise awareness for heart disease. She was awarded First Place and Fan Favorite! She has loved meeting amazing friends and professors, learning about the industry, and is excited to enter the work force.

Collection Description:

For the Flow is a womenswear collection that highlights the beauty and importance of honey bees to our everyday lives. Each piece has a specific meaning, whether it be giving a tip on how to save the bees, or a glimpse into the world without these pollinators. Preston was inspired by her love for beekeeping and the necessity for education on environmental topics.