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Nicole Tarallo Razzé Bistaffa

Nicole Bistaffa
Nicole Bistaffa

Designer: Nicole Tarallo Razzé Bistaffa

Hometown: Jundiaí city, São-Paulo state, Brazil.

Email: or

Collection Title: The Fool’s Journey


My name is Nicole Bistaffa, I am from Brazil, São Paulo. I have been in the U.S. for almost 5 years, and currently, I am living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am a senior majoring in Fashion Textile Management and Product Development. I chose this program because I was already majoring in Fashion Textiles in my home country which I completed two years, then I had to interrupt it in order to move to the United States. I am a transfer student and I am engaged to complete the undergraduate program and eventually work on the area that I love, which is Fashion Textiles. I am interested in working in the fashion field, approaching more the business side. I have developed skills in leadership, administration, sales, sewing, designing, and others by participating in an internship abroad, completing some extra courses, and working in the retail for a couple of years. I have a couple of hobbies that I enjoy doing on the free time, one of them is my YouTube channel Nicole Bistaffa, which I talk a little bit of everything, I had one viral video that achieved 1 million views. I also love to read, to paint, to cook, and to play around with my ferrets.

Besides all of that, I am also a tarot and oracle reader, which played a role in my inspiration for the creation of my collection. Studying what I love and studying from the most different topics have kept opening my mind and expanding perspectives. Moreover, dealing everyday with different people, from different cultures keep me motivated and inspired in keep learning and thriving to achieve my goals. I strive to be my best every day, and in every task that I do.

Collection Description:

The Fool`s journey is a collection inspired in the tarot cards. By exploring the major arcana cards, where it tells the story of the first card of the deck that is called The Fool, there passes by each card bringing him experiences. The collection embraces all the cards symbolisms together by navigating through archetypes and exploring colors, history, art, feelings, expressions, and human aspects from the cards to the clothing. The fool’s journey calls you to join his path with him and dig into this adventure that is to be human.