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Lawson Strickland

Lawson Strickland
Lawson Strickland

Designer: Lawson Strickland

Hometown: Raleigh, NC


Collection Title: Kaleidoscope of Hope


Lawson was born with a passion for fashion, art, and design. Growing up Lawson had an eye for styling clothes and was permanently “hired” as her older sister’s personal stylist. Teaching herself how to sew at the age of 12 she knew she couldn’t stop there. When she entered high school, she started taking fashion design classes to learn proper technique and skill. Lawson went on to receive an internship in New York City with one of the top local designers and was invited back to help with his show at New York Fashion Week which has been one of her life long dreams. She will be graduating in spring 2021 with a B.S in Fashion and Textile Management and a concentration in product development.

Collection Description:

Lawson’s collection is called Kaleidoscope of Hope. Her inspiration stemmed from a rainbow, and this is because rainbows are the universal symbol of hope and promise, they’re the prize from weathering the storm. Time and again rainbows assure us that there will be beauty and clarity following times of doubt. Lawson believed that this was a great thing for her audience to be reminded of right now with all the craziness going on in the world. For her collection she chose for each one of her looks to be monochromatic. Each look symbolizes a much deeper meaning than just the color you are seeing. When all the looks are together at the end of the runway they will form a rainbow, symbolizing her theme of hope.