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Lauren Boyd

Designer: Lauren Boyd

Hometown: Clayton, NC


Collection Title: Aviva


Lauren has always loved fashion, from playing dress up to dreaming about becoming a fashion designer one day.  She knew in the back of her mind that she wanted her future career to be in fashion, but it never seemed like a realistic idea.  After participating in the Summer Textile Exploration Program through the Wilson College of Textiles her summer before senior year of high school, Lauren knew that fashion and textiles was the right fit for her. Lauren will graduate this spring from NC State and is very excited to see what the future holds.

While at NC State, Lauren has been an active member of Cru and just this year has become a member of the prayer team.  She also has the role of being an ambassador for the Advancement of Women’s Entrepreneurship group at NCSU.  Lauren is a part of the University Scholars Program, which has many different opportunities that come with it.  Besides school, Lauren loves to hang out with friends, watch movies, and travel to fun new places.

Collection Description:

Aviva (meaning spring-like, innocent and youthful) is a collection for young girls. The inspiration behind Aviva is that this particular girl needs clothing that is playful and brings her joy. With colors and fabrics from nature, Aviva is a sustainable line that reflects the beauty of girls on the inside and out.