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Grace Murray

Designer: Grace Murray     

Hometown: Charlotte, NC


Collection Title: Genesis


Grace Murray is a senior at the Wilson College of Textiles studying Fashion Product Development and Arts Entrepreneurship. She is a multidisciplinary artist and designer working to elevate fashion towards acceptance as an artistic medium, like sculpture or painting. Shaped by a varied arts education and growing internet culture, she uses fashion as a form of expression.

Collection Description:

Influenced by Japanese designers such as Jun Takahashi, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo, her collection is made up of six looks that can transform based on the wearers preferences for fit and styling. Utilizing practical fasteners like zippers, snaps, and buttons, a garment can be quickly modified into something entirely new. In designing this collection she thought of the new wave of creatives, determined to shape their world (and self-image) to match the ever changing landscape of society, culture, and ideals.