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Sophie Nunno-Gorbachev

Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Collection Title: Sculptural Sportswear


Sophie Nunno-Gorbachev (6 December 1997- present) is a half-Russian product development senior at North Carolina State University. Sophie dreams of figuring out a way to 3D print textiles and her current internship with Hanesbrands is fairly close, 3D printing polymer *onto* textiles.  Additionally, Sophie is passionate about bras and is currently leading an undergraduate research project regarding the development of a support bra for women with larger cup sizes. Known for her sarcasm and enthusiasm for polymers, Nunno-Gorbachev is a total nerd and learns about knit structures for fun.  Some fun facts about Sophie include: her favorite fashion designer is Alexander McQueen, she once made Cal Ripken Jr.’s dinner, black squid ink uni pasta, and she doesn’t know how to make coffee. Her favorite color is hex code #9B1515, which is notably absent in this collection.

Collection Description:

Sophie’s collection reflects her view of fashion as art existing on the human form.  Therefore, “Sculptural Sportswear” is about exploring the sculptural possibilities of fabric.  This collection reflects current athletic trends combined with vintage silhouettes to create an appearance that balances volume and edge.  Brands that inspired this collection include: FILA, 1920’s-era Baleciaga and Dior, adidas by Stella McCartney, and Issey Miyake.  Expect to see athletic jersey knits and interlocks, reflective tape, industrial-use spacer fabric, neoprene, and hoods.