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Lucie Branch

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Collection Title: Levels of Consciousness


Branch is a Raleigh native, a millennial, and an aspiring designer. Branch took her first sewing class when she was seven years old. Her mother brought her. Her mother purchased her daughter her own sewing machine when she was eleven years old. The first garment Branch created was a pair of Spongebob shorts; she was eight. Now twenty-five, Branch has begun creating her vision: one of a kind pieces inspired by self-expression, uniqueness and self-empowerment. Branch is pleased to present to you the medium that reflects the chaos that surrounds her, and explains the inner workings of her mind.

Collection Description:

Accessing different realms of our own consciousness is our birth right. We are all born into these bodies with the purpose of journeying into deeper corners of our mind. When we journey through our own conscious, we become Shamans. Most people imagine a costumed tribal person dancing around a fire to drum beats, when they hear the word, Shaman.But we all have the ability to embark on our own Shamanic journeywork, when we quiet ourselves, focus our intentions upon the inner world, and observe the world around us. When we trust in The Universe and let go of the illusion of control, we are Shamans.