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Liyang Zhang

Hometown: Jiangxi, China
Collection Title: Wu Zetian


Liyang Zhang is a NC state graduate student, from China. When she completed her undergraduate degree in Donghua University, she came to America for further study at NC State. While at NC State, she has learned about many textile technologies, such as laser cutting and embroidery. After learning and understanding about the beauty of fabrics, she became interested in all the possibilities of textiles, which inspired her to explore a pattern making class. She found that she quite enjoyed designing apparel. This is her first collection she has ever created. She has incorporated as much technology as possible. Her aim is to focus on her own culture, because it’s that is familiar to her.

Collection Description:

This is a high-fashion collection, prepared for those who love eastern culture and fashion. Different fabrics and techniques are explored throughout this collection such as embroidery and beading. Inspiration was pulled from the only queen in China’s history, Wu Zetian. Elements in women’s Tang costume has been incorporated in the designs. Different aspects of the garments will be exagerated to represent Wu Zetian’s status and power, such as the shoulders. Core colors of this collection include white, gold and red with variation in colors of the same hues for accents. This collection aims to bring people a brand new feeling.