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Kara Odham

Hometown: Garner, NC
Collection Title: Intrepid Canvas


Kara is graduating in December 2018 and plans on making her way into the industry after a graduation trip to Europe with her mom. Her goal is to help women of all backgrounds feel empowered in what they wear and confident in the brands they shop in. She would love to work for a company sharing this same passion after graduation. Kara spends her time traveling to new places, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with friends and family. She’s looking forward to her collection being shown on the runway and the learning and growth that will accompany it!

Collection Description:

Intrepid Canvas is a line of lingerie designed with all women in mind. Tailored to women of all shapes, sizes, and color, Intrepid Canvas aims to help every woman feel confident in their own skin. The line combines velvet, lace, and mesh fabrics to create a variety of classic and modern lingerie silhouettes for each individual woman. The Intrepid woman is fearless; she isn’t afraid to be bold and step out of her comfort zone to show her beauty off. Her body is a canvas, designed for individual greatness. I hope this line inspires women to feel confident in their clothes and what’s under them.