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Kaitlyn Miller

Hometown: North Wilkesboro, North Carolina
Collection Title: Soirée


Kaitlyn was born and raised in a small ghost town in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. She grew up with two sisters, herself being the middle child. She was always the odd-ball of the family – she was very different from her athletic sisters, especially since she had always been pegged as the “fashionista” of the family. Kaitlyn is a self-taught artist and has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She took an interest in design while she was still young but began learning how to sew as a teenager. Being a part of the best textiles’ program in the country is without a doubt one of the biggest blessings of her life, and she can’t wait to see where life will take her.

Collection Description:

Soirée consists of formal gowns that have a vintage, timeless feel about them. They are meant to be fluid and flowing. She is incorporating a lot of tulle, lace, sequins, and some satin in her collection, while following a color palette that is earth-tone inspired. The inspiration for her collection comes from various sources such as rustic weddings, high-society galas, and designs by Charles James and Madeleine Vionnet.