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Julia Sacani

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Collection Title: TBD


Julia Sacani is a Senior at NC State majoring in Fashion and Textile Management with a concentration and Fashion Development and Product management. For most of Julia’s life, she drifted toward the creative side of things. Growing up drawing and painting as her main hobbies, she knew she desired to express that creativity when deciding on what she wanted to do in life. Julia applied to state as Business major but quickly switched when she learned about the Textile school, seeing an opportunity to use her artistic side within her school work.

Since her sophomore year at NC State, Julia has been an assistant to a CEO of a casting and production company during New York Fashion Week. She travels there every February, July, and September and has drawn a lot of inspiration from her time working with designers there.

In her free time Julia still loves painting and drawing but loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, listening to music and playing with her dogs.

Collection Description:

This collection is inspired by the forces of feminine energy and the power that all women have within. Feminine energy is our goddess energy, also known as the Yin of Yang. It is associated with being in touch with the flow of energy with as well as qualities such as sweetness, receptiveness, self-love, fullness, purity. There is something beautiful about a feminine look, this collection looks to bring power, strength, and edge to our beautiful femininity.