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Bailey Murad

Hometown: Garner, NC
Collection Title: Soleil Lune


Bailey was born and raised in Garner, NC. She spent weekends coloring with her mom and watched as her family shared a love for interior design and construction. While in high school, she knew she had a passion for fashion and loved her job as a stylist in various boutiques. She started her career in Polymer and Color Chemistry but expressed the desire to be more creative. This spring Bailey will graduate with a B.S in Fashion and Textile Management with a minor in Business Administration. Her favorite things include her family, food, the ocean, and puppies.

Collection Description:

Soleil Lune, French for sun and moon, is a collection that showcases the resort wear style that is both simplistic and sophisticated. This refined collection is composed of a mixture of chic transitional pieces that can be worn day or night. Inspired by traveling to multiple different islands, Bailey wants to illustrate the lifestyle for affluent island travelers.