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Shiv Patel


Designer: Shiv Patel
Hometown: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Collection Title: Stay Tru


Growing up Shiv never saw herself going into textiles. Funnily enough, the introduction to fashion came to her through watching the television show Ugly Betty in her middle school years. The show told a narrative of a girl who unsurely got into the fashion industry and broke all of the rules. Seeing the fashion industry in a tangible light grew Shiv’s interest to it. Never one to want to fit into a mold, Shiv saw that fashion could be a way of escaping to explore and create whatever world she wanted. She dislikes there being one standard of acceptable style that is seen as traditionally appealing. Through her collection she wanted to challenge that standard.


Her collection is called “I Miss The Old Kanye”. The collection is named from the lyrics of a song from Kanye’s newest album The Life of Pablo. Kanye West is her muse of sorts. Shiv is influenced by everything Kanye is and does, like how he incorporates what he sees in the world into his work. Shiv designed her collection, not for people that fit a certain demographic but for people that share the same way of thinking about life. She is inspired by the way he acknowledges the underprivileged and brings their lives to light. She drew inspiration from his attention to subtle detail like his use of muted tones from his Yeezy collection.