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Sarah Evans Nicholson


Designer: Sarah Evans Nicholson
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Collection Title: Resilient


I grew up in what is commonly referred to the melting pot of the south and from a young age was exposed to many diversities and individuals that has shaped how I have thought creatively. From a young age, I was always fascinated with learning different processes and techniques and was commonly found deconstructing all types of household items and appliances to see how to put them back together. I am very systematic in my approach to design and strive to be as thorough as possible so my concepts and ideas are displayed exactly how I imagine them. I like to create things that evoke powerful emotions whether it be through fashion or any type of artistic medium. I aspire to create something that makes an impact and that it timeless.

Collection Description (Inspiration, Concept, Silhouettes, etc)

The inspiration behind Providence 406 stems from a long lineage of wise and powerful woman ranging in different ages that have made everlasting impacts on my life. Their strengths and passions have influenced me and I have tried to incorporate their stories into this collection.