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Hsi Yun Wang (Cindy)


Designer: Hsi Yun Wang (Cindy)
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Collection Title: The Crystal Aqua


I started to love drawing when I was still a little girl. As a student in Taiwan, I’ve competed in many drawing competitions and won several awards. I won my first award in art when I was 6 year-old. I wasn’t thinking about the serious of a contest too much. I was just drawing a picture of my friends and I having fun together. I won the first place in Taiwan. I then realized the best way to do art and design is to follow my heart and feelings.  I like creative freedom. I draw anytime anywhere, on my piano sheet, notebook, textbook, backpack, uniform, even on the wall. Make everything prettier. After moving to US seven years ago, my love for design still growing. I’ve designed school events T-shirt for a couple times. I took my first sewing class in high school, and continued to sew on my free time. I always like to re-decorate my clothes, make them different and unique.


I want to make fashion not just about the gorgeous outfit, but also with a statement. I’ve always care about the environment and suitability of our world. There are a lot of pollution in the ocean that harm our beautiful ocean creature. I wish I can spread the world of stop pollution in my passion, Fashion, by showing the beauty of the sea in my design.