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Anna Page


Designer: Anna Page
Hometown: Salisbury, NC
Collection Title: When Land Meets Sea


Anna has always held an interest in fashion and apparel. For her 10th birthday, she chose a Fashion Runway theme party. Guests competed in games to create the best fashion designs and later modeled their original apparel. For her junior and senior years of high school, Anna was accepted into the residential program at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, located in Durham, NC. There she was able to pursue her love of science while also taking advanced courses in photography and art. A chance encounter with a teacher led to her discovery of the Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. She immediately knew that this was where she wanted to study for her next four years. She learned the Wilson College of Textiles offered the perfect blending of her love of art and science, while also promoting and fostering her creativity. Anna studied in Florence, Italy during the spring 2016 semester and fell in love with her design courses, the Italian culture, and of course gelato! Currently, she is a senior studying Fashion and Textile Management, concentrating in Fashion Development and Product Management.

Collection Description (Inspiration, Concept, Silhouettes, etc)

Anna loves to travel to warm coasts and has done so significantly around the various islands of Caribbean countries. She has her sailing and scuba diving licenses, allowing her to catch a glimpse of the land and sea from different and beautiful perspectives. During her semester in Italy, Anna also traveled extensively around the various Italian, French, and Grecian coasts which helped to solidify her ideas and inspirations for this collection.

These experiences have profoundly influenced her collection and the warm hues she has chosen are a blending of the coast, the horizon, and the sea. Her collection is meant to be worn by the modern woman who loves to travel and get out of her comfort zone, yet still be stylish. She is adventurous, bold, and confident. She appreciates style and fashion while demanding convenience, comfort, and versatility. When Land Meets Sea is a blending of these inspirations.