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Allison Humphrey


Designer: Allison Humphrey
Hometown: Clayton, NC
Collection Title: Embrace Your(S)elf


Allison grew up immersed in apparel alongside her mother and grandmother. She learned how to sew at a young age and always appreciated the handiwork, however, never imagined pursuing a degree in fashion. It wasn’t until she stumbled into textiles as a backup major that she found this to be the place where her passions came to life. Since her first studio class at NC State, she never doubted her decision.

Collection Description (Inspiration, Concept, Silhouettes, etc)

Allison’s collection challenges the beliefs of the “ideal” woman’s body, drawing inspiration from her own struggles with body image and trying to fit the mold. The line is shown on women of many shapes and sizes in hopes to toss out the idea that there is a “normal.” With LEDs incorporated, the garment details shed light on the parts of a woman’s body that are typically criticized and disliked. Allison wants people to see that there is no ideal image of a woman’s body and we should all learn to embrace ourselves as we are, seeing that beauty goes deeper than the surface and not try to change to fit a meaningless societal standard.